It is the application of herbal substances into the nose. The nose is the gateway into the head, the sinuses, and deeper into the lungs. The most common Nasya treatment includes the application of Ghee or Oil, sometimes with additional powdered herbs.

Nasya eliminates excess doshas (metabolic waste product) from the head and when applied with oil or ghee it nourishes as it cleanses. Oil is deeply nurturing, it gently clears and softens as it passes through the tissue. This process allows for a smooth flow of oxygen and prana, eliminating any stagnation or blockages causing symptoms or discomfort.

The 2 Types of Nasya

The different types of Nasya come under two main categories which are Shamana Nasya and Shodana Nasya.

  1. Shamana Nasya helps to pacify an imbalance and is generally more calming and nourishing to the nervous system.
  2. Shodana Nasya helps to remove the imbalanced excess from the body, therefore more detoxifying and clearing to the channels of the head.

The Benefits

When Nasya is performed correctly it can:

  1. Enhances mental and sensory acuity
  2. Promotes mental clarity and emotional happiness
  3. Clears the nose and sinuses of obstruction
  4. Promotes cleansing and flow of lymphatic fluid
  5. Bestows a clear voice
  6. Promotes lightness of the body
  7. Soothes dryness in the nose
  8. Eliminates the symptoms of disease

With continuous usage it can:

  1. Improves skin texture and complexion
  2. Stops or delays graying hair and alopecia
  3. Increases the flow of prana through Ida and Pingala nadis
  4. Strengthens the neck, shoulders and arms


Nasya is indicated for:

  1. All chronic disorders of the head and neck
  2. Disorders of the brain and central nervous system
  3. Chronic upper respiratory disorders
  4. Chronic headaches and migraines
  5. Disorders of the eyes, ears, mouth, throat
  6. The glandular structures of the head